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Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan

Managing Director, Credit Agricole Creditor Insurance

Mary Ryan is the Managing Director of Credit Agricole Creditor Insurance based in Dublin. Mary leads a multidisciplinary team responsible for pan European insurance operations in 14 European countries.

Throughout her career, Mary has led a number of organisational transformation projects involving end to end process transformation. Mary is passionate about organisational culture and development and is committed to and sponsors of a number of projects and initiatives in this regard.  She has promoted a culture of innovation which is performance and service driven and where the customer is at the heart of the business. Mary believes part of this culture is employee development, achievement and recognition.

Mary is a member of the Credit Agricole Group international HR network and actively involved in a number of international Group HR initiatives. She is a a member of the Executive Committee CoDir of CAAPE Business Unit at Credit Agricole Assurances in Paris.