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Conor Hynes

Conor Hynes

Partner - Tax, Deloitte

Conor is a tax partner with Deloitte, Dublin. Conor has more than 20 years’ experience advising clients in financial services and international tax. He has worked with many multinational companies from Europe and the US.

Professional Experience

Conor advises on Irish and international taxation issues arising on the location of operations in Ireland and has been involved in advising on numerous international group reorganisations with the aim of optimising tax efficiency and minimising tax cost. He manages and coordinates the provision of tax services to Irish subsidiaries of multinationals and domestic companies.

Conor has assisted a number of large insurance companies in Ireland in relation to Revenue queries raised on the company’s insurance reserving policy and the deductibility of insurance reserves. Conor has also advised extensively on the gross roll up and I-E taxation regimes which apply to life assurance companies in Ireland and the tax implications for both Irish resident and non-resident policy holders

Conor reviews Irish multinationals to assess the tax risks in their business and recommended structural changes including tax planning for cash utilisation, planning overseas acquisitions, repatriation of profits, financing and structuring their operations.
He has provided advice to a number of clients in relation to inbound and outbound investment, optimising the use of Ireland’s low corporate tax rate, tax planning opportunities and products.

Conor has spoken at international tax conferences on inbound investment into Ireland and Irish corporate tax planning.

Conor has written a number of articles on the taxation of financial services companies in Ireland.