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Claire Carroll

Claire Carroll

Customer Insights Director, The Dock, Accenture’s Global Centre for Innovation

Claire is the Customer Insights Director at The Dock, Accenture’s flagship R&D and Global Innovation Centre based in Dublin, Ireland.

Since joining The Dock, Claire has led a global portfolio of R&D projects at the meeting point of customer strategy, personalisation and emerging technology. In 2017, Claire led a project to address the problem of identity management for the ongoing refugee crisis. The resulting solution ID 2020: Digital Identity uses blockchain and biometrics and was presented at the United Nations.

In 2019, Claire led The Dock’s international research report, ‘Putting the Human First in The Future Home.’ The research brought together a multi-disciplinary team from across Accenture to introduce a new way of looking at how people live at home and advocates a people first approach to designing the smart home.

Before joining Accenture, Claire spent over a decade working in digital media, holding senior strategy roles with agencies driving market share and top line growth for clients. At the nexus point of behavioural marketing and scaled web adoption, Claire built new teams and capabilities for local and international marketing and media agencies servicing clients in finance, insurance, consumer packaged goods and public services. Her impact was in driving demand with high quality audiences by having a keen understanding of digital media consumption behaviours.

Claire also held the role of Global Marketing Director with domains company Rightside. As part of this role, she launched an IPO and her team was one of the first to launch a suite of 50 new top level domains in international markets; a move that provides web access to a wider global audience.