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Christina Lindenius

Christina Lindenius

CEO, Insurance Sweden

Christina Lindenius is CEO of Insurance Sweden, the Swedish insurance federation, since 2007. She also heads the Swedish Insurance Employers´Association and chairs several companies in Sweden providing common infrastructure for the insurance industry.

Prior to this, she had a long career in the public sector. From 1988 to 2002, she held several positions in the Swedish Central Bank, the Riksbank, among others Director of Foreign Exchange and Monetary Policy and Director of Market Operations. In these capacities, she was a member of the Executive team of the central bank. In 2002, she was appointed Director General in the Ministry of Finance, responsible for financial market issues, including financial market regulation. In 2004, she was appointed Director General of the Premium Pension Authority.

Christina Lindenius has also held several positions as a Board member in public authorities, among others the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the First AP-fund. The government recently appointed her a member of the Board of the Third AP-fund.

Christina Lindenius holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Uppsala and studied at the Masters of International Economics Programme, School of Advanced International Studies, the Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C.