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24 October 2018

Trinity College Dublin

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1 Day

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30+ Speakers

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Dublin has developed into one of the few truly international re/insurance centres by becoming a home to both generalists and specialists: this diversity of business gives Dublin its unique flavour as an international centre for risk business.

Insurance Ireland, the voice of re/insurance in Ireland, represents 95% of the domestic insurance and 80% of the international Life Insurance market. Insurance Ireland members pay out more than €13 billion in claims & benefits to Irish customers and contribute over €1.6 billion in tax to the Irish exchequer per annum. The insurance industry holds €200 billion in assets in Ireland of which €35 billion is invested in Irish infrastructure and government debt, generates €51bn in premium income (domestic and overseas) and employs more than 28,000 people.

Re/insurance makes a major contribution to Ireland’s economic growth and development and is a cornerstone of modern life. One of the most important aspects of re/insurance is to pay claims to customers at times when they need it most.

Insurance Ireland merged with DIMA (the Dublin International Insurance and Management Association, founded in 1990 to represent international insurance, reinsurance and captive management business in Ireland) in January 2017 to bring together the domestic and international insurance and reinsurance sectors under the one umbrella. The merged association represents over 140 insurers, reinsurers and captives in a major industry

The European Insurance Forum (EIF) has been running since 1999 and is the signature event in the Insurance Ireland annual calendar

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2017 Video Highlights

EIF2017 Highlights

Panel Discussion Leaders Panel, EIF2017

Panel Discussion Technology Trends: trends, hyperbole and cultural lag, EIF2017

Panel Discussion Brexit, EIF2017

Paul Mason

Panel Discussion The Changing Tax Landscape, EIF2017

Panel Discussion The Low Yield World, EIF2017

Denis Kessler, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of SCOR SE

Panel Discussion Regulation: national diversity, international (dis)harmony? EIF2017

Gerry Cross, Director of Policy and Risk, CBI, EIF2017

Dr Paul Ryan, Director – Head of International Finance Division | Department of Finance, EIF2017