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Past Speakers

Past Presentations

EIF2019 – a quick look at the highlights

Setting the direction of our industry, Insurance Ireland Council Chairs panel

Claire Carroll, Customer Insights Director, The Dock, Accenture

Human Capital, responding to the future, 2030

John Berrigan, Deputy Director General, DG FISMA, European Commission

Peter Conradi, Europe Editor of the Sunday Times, journalist and author

Supervisors’ perspectives

Perspectives from around the globe

Kevin Thompson opens EIF2019

Ann Kelleher, Insurance Ireland President, closes EIF2019

EIF 2019 02 Marc Carrel Billiard Global Senior Managing Director of Accenture Labs

Thomas Buberl CEO Axa in conversation with Adam Kelly, Managing Director and Insurance lead for Accenture in Ireland Accenture

EIF2019 – what it’s all about, topics, speakers, sponsors

EIF2018 01 Opening Remarks & Welcome from Kevin Thompson, CEO Insurance Ireland

EIF2018 02 Industry Keynote Barry O’Dwyer, Head of UK, Standard Life Aberdeen

EIF2018 03 Making Innovation Real in Insurance, Accenture led panel

EIF2018 04 Human Capital, the Most Overlooked Asset Class trends, challenges and opportunities

EIF2018 05 A Cross Atlantic View, Don Forgeron, IBC (Insurance Bureau of Canada)

EIF2018 07 Insurance Ireland Council Chairs Panel

EIF2018 – 08 – Global Leader keynote- A History of the Future – The World in 2025- Jeremy Rifkin

EIF2018 09 Financial Conduct Regulation, Derville Rowland, CBI

EIF2018 11 Leaders Panel Review and Wrap Up

EIF2018 12 Closing remarks from Kevin Thompson, CEO, Insurance Ireland

EIF2017 Highlights

Panel Discussion Leaders Panel, EIF2017

Panel Discussion Technology Trends: trends, hyperbole and cultural lag, EIF2017

Panel Discussion Brexit, EIF2017

EIF2016 Highlights

Paul Mason

Panel Discussion The Changing Tax Landscape, EIF2017

Panel Discussion The Low Yield World, EIF2017

Denis Kessler, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of SCOR SE

07 Climate Change & Extreme Events Keynote Address, Margareta Wahlstrom, EIF2016

Panel Discussion Regulation: national diversity, international (dis)harmony? EIF2017

Gerry Cross, Director of Policy and Risk, CBI, EIF2017

Dr Paul Ryan, Director – Head of International Finance Division | Department of Finance, EIF2017

Climate Change & Extreme Events Panel, EIF2016

11 Keynote Address, Sylvia Cronin, EIF2016

09 Technology & Trends Panel, EIF2016

10 View from the Top: Re/insurance 2020 and Beyond, EIF2016

06 Keynote Address, John Kay, EIF2016

04 Industry Keynote Address EIF2016 , Albert A Benchimol

03 Recasting The Industry, EIF2016

01 Opening Remarks EIF2016, Sarah Goddard, CEO DIMA

Oliver Lu opening presentation to China panel session

Captive Session Part 1

Captive Session Part 2

Enda Murphy (Declining insurance penetration in an affluent and IT developed world)

Declining insurance penetration in an affluent and IT developed world, Panel Part 1

Solvency II, Panel Part 2

The pros and cons of a global regulatory regime, Panel Part 1

The pros and cons of a global regulatory regime, Panel Part 2

Joey Boland, Member of the Dublin Senior Hurling Team

Educating For The Future

Unbounded longevity, Panel Part 1

Technology Changing The Industry, Panel Part 2

Technology Changing The Industry, Panel Part 1

Dr Aubery de Grey

Unbounded Longevity Panel Session, Part 1

Unbounded Longevity Panel, Part 2

China: A Look At Where The Opportunities Lie and How They Can Be Realised

Solvency II Part 1

Solvency II Part 2

Prof. Ian Goldin The Butterfly Defect Part 1

Prof. Ian Goldin The Butterfly Defect Part 2

Leaders Forum Part 1

Leaders Forum Part 2

Leaders Forum Part 3

A snapshot of EIF2014

DIMA celebrates 25 years of international re/insurance in Ireland #DIMA #25@25