For almost a quarter of a century, this industry in Ireland has been providing people around the world with security should they be struck by adverse events. Whether it be the impact of high profile natural catastrophes such as hurricanes and earthquakes, man-made disasters such as the including environmental reparation after oil spills, or personal claims across Europe, re/insurance companies in Ireland have been providing individuals and businesses with the ability to recover from calamity.

Ireland has been identified as one of the top ten re/insurance centres in the world.

Over the years, Ireland has built a world-leading professionalism in this business, with specialist courses developed at universities across the country, both undergraduate and post-graduate, which continue to enhance the professional community, and conversely the sector continues to provide valuable employment for those graduates. To get a sense of the growth and development of the industry check out the 25th anniversary Dublin report.

The strength of our membership body, DIMA, and our annual conference are testament to a committed community that can compete on the global stage as an international and European re/insurance hub.

The European Insurance Forum is organised by the conference sub-committee and the DIMA secretariate. The conference sub-committee is chaired by David Stafford and the committee members are Karina Lynch and Karl Cheese.

David Stafford
David Stafford, CEO, ALD Re
Karl-Cheese---Photograph Karina Lynnch photo web
Karl Cheese
Head of Finance
RGA International Reinsurance Company Ltd
Karina Lynch, General Manager, Scottish Re (Dublin) Ltd

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